The Biggest Myths About Home Security Debunked

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You want to protect your home and keep it safe from intruders. But some of the myths you’ve heard about home security may deter you from installing a security system, cameras, and other security features. Here are some of the most common myths we hear about home security and why they’re not true.

The Biggest Myths About Home Security Debunked

Myth #1: Burglaries only happen at night

An intrusion can happen at any time of the day or night. In many cases, the intruder will track your patterns for a few days, prior to making an entrance at a time they know you won’t be there. In fact, most burglaries happen during the day because intruders know that’s when people are most likely to be at school or work.

Myth #2: Intruders will ignore the signs of a security system

If you have a camera watching your property or a sign that says your home is monitored on a regular basis, you may think that these home security signs don’t matter to intruders. However, if a criminal knows that you’ve taken measures to protect your home, they’ll be more likely to move on.

Myth #3: Burglars never visit the same house twice

If a burglar successfully vandalizes your house once, they’re more likely to do it again. This is because once an intruder makes their way into your house, they already know the schedule of your family members, the layout of your home, and the vulnerabilities of your property.

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