Why False Security is Worse than No Office Security

There is a troubling development in office security that companies trying to trim costs have embraced that you should steer far away from – fake security. The reality is that false security is worse than having no office security at all. Before you think about putting up signs that say you have a security system when you don’t, using cameras that are just for show, or cancelling your alarm monitoring, consider these scenarios:

  • Scenario #1 – Your employees feel safe and secure because they believe you have office security in place. They get lax about watching their surroundings when they head to their vehicle after working late. The criminals know a fake camera when they see it and target your employee. Now you are facing a lawsuit, not to mention the guilt you are feeling because you allowed your employees to feel false security.
  • Scenario #2 – An electrical short sparks a small fire and smoke late at night and although the smoke detectors do their job, without alarm monitoring the authorities aren’t alerted until it is far too late to save your business. You are now out of business for weeks, months or even permanently. Perhaps there was even loss of life involved. You may have felt secure dropping the monitoring, but was it worth it?
  • Scenario #3 – You come into the office one morning and find all the computers gone as well as all your client and employee files. There isn’t any security footage to help locate the culprits. It may even have been someone in your employ for all you know, since they may have figured out you don’t have office security and decided there is a lot of money to be made. You had a false sense of security when you should have had quality office security instead.

Don’t let a scenario such as these undermine your company when all it takes is calling us at Safe N Sound Inc. to provide you with office security that is real, not fake. Our family-owned and operated company uses the newest technology to make sure every aspect of your company is safe and sound. Contact us today to learn more!