Unique Benefits of Camera Systems for the Home

After the initial outrage about cameras being installed in public, the tide has turned and more people think of them as a safety advantage instead of a strike against privacy. The same is true when it comes to using camera systems in your home. At first it may feel a bit creepy, but when you consider the unique benefits that video surveillance in your home can provide, you may just want to move forward with having a system installed. Here are a few unique ways camera systems could be a great idea for you:

  • Vacations – Do you leave someone in charge of your home and pets when you are on vacation? Do you find yourself spending time thinking about if all is well, which detracts from your fun? If so, camera systems can remedy that. You can check in to see what is going on from your smartphone at any time, from anywhere. It also doesn’t hurt that your house sitter knows about the system as it will make them think twice about throwing a party or neglecting your pets.
  • Latch Key – All parents are nervous those first few times they let their children come home from school to a few unsupervised hours in the home. With a camera system, you can have peace of mind that they are doing just fine and working on their chores, homework or whatever else they’re supposed to be doing.
  • Solve Mysteries – Have you ever had the eerie feeling that you may have ghosts or a prankster doing things at your home? For example, one family couldn’t figure out why sometimes they’d come home and the kitchen faucet would be turned on. They finally solved the mystery when a newly installed camera system caught the culprit – their cat had figured out how to nudge the handle just enough to get some fresh, cold water. Another family that had free-range chickens noticed they were short one every other day. They suspected a coyote or neighbor’s dog, but it ended up being a horned owl.

If these or other creative uses are tempting you to look into camera systems, give us a call at Safe N Sound Inc. We can install a system that will give you the security you are looking for as well as providing benefits you might not have considered.