Three Unconventional Ways to Utilize Security Cameras

You already know the main benefits of having security cameras at your business, but did you know there are also a few unconventional ways you can utilize them to the benefit of your company? The most prosperous business owners have learned that sometimes thinking outside the box can lead to amazing discoveries, so here are a few ideas to get your creativity going.

  1. Aid sales staff. You might be surprised to learn that security cameras can be used by your sales staff to help close a deal, as well as better service your customers. For example, they notice on camera a customer who keeps gravitating toward a high-end product as they wander down the aisle. Here’s a perfect opportunity to mention a sale or discount available on that product or some other incentive, as well as further discuss the reason that product is ideal. In general, security cameras can aid sales staff by giving insight into the customer’s interests without following them around. This less-obtrusive method puts customers at ease, but allows staff to be present when needed.
  2. Training. Do you have an employee who does a marvelous job at a certain task? You don’t want to slow them down or take them off what they are doing to train someone else, but you could use the security cameras to record the employee (with their knowledge) and then let other personnel watch and learn. As the owner, manager or supervisor, you could also use the security cameras to try to ascertain why certain employees are not as productive as they could be, so you can follow up with them with additional suitable training.
  3. Traffic flow. Retail establishments in particular can use security cameras to watch traffic flow and get insight into areas that may be more prone to theft, overcrowding, lack of interest, and other information, which you can use to make adjustments to your business.

If your security cameras are not providing you with the ability to take advantage of these unconventional benefits or you lack a system altogether, give us a call at Safe N Sound Inc. We can help you add to your system, replace a system, or install a system that will give you the normal benefits that security cameras provide, as well as other benefits you may not have thought about. We have 30 years of experience providing solutions for Lake Norman, North Carolina area businesses.