Should You Use a Visible or Covert Commercial CCTV Camera System?

There are plenty of television shows where the criminal was not able to be identified because they knew where the cameras were and hid their face by each one. That may make you think it would be better to use a covert commercial CCTV camera rather than visible ones. However, there are some very good benefits involved with visible cameras that you won’t want to miss out on. If you really want to have some covert ones, at least back them up with visible as well.

  • Keep Honest People Honest – A visible commercial CCTV camera goes a long way toward keeping honest people from doing dumb things. Knowing cameras are on the sales floor, for example, not only deters shoplifting by your customers, but also inappropriate behavior on the part of your sales staff. Someone doesn’t have to be a career criminal to steal. Sometimes, all it takes is having a wild thought to do something they’d regret later.
  • Avoid Lawsuits – It might surprise you how many people there are out there who pull the “slip and fall” scam to extort money from retailers. They are far less likely to do it when they see a commercial CCTV camera with footage they know will blow their case out of the water. This is just one example as there are plenty of situations where recorded events can save you from adverse legal action.
  • Sense of Security – When it comes right down to it, your most valued business assets are the people who give their all to your company. When you add a commercial CCTV camera system that provides extra security for your staff, you are sending the message that you value them. They may at first feel uncomfortable with the idea of being on camera, but they’ll feel better about it than they would if they learned you were using hidden ones instead.

If you are looking to add a commercial CCTV camera system to your business, give us a call at Safe N Sound Inc. We custom design and install your system based on your needs and what you want to accomplish. We are happy to discuss all the options with you so that you can have the security you want for your business, yourself, and your staff.