New Home Office? Don’t Forget Home Security!

The number of people taking advantage of telecommuting and other work-at-home opportunities has grown in leaps and bounds. There are roughly 4 million employees working from home at least 50 percent of the work week. In fact, the telecommuter population is growing at a far faster rate than the employee population in general.  If you are one of these people or are trying to convince your boss that you should work from home, one of the things you should put thought into is home security. You will likely bring home information that is of a sensitive nature and your employer and the clients won’t take kindly to learning that information was stolen during a home invasion or burglary.

It might surprise you to know that today’s criminals are not always searching for expensive jewelry or high-end electronics. What they may be searching for is information they can either use themselves or sell. Learning corporate secrets, getting sensitive employee or client information, and other private information can mean huge payouts.

If you would like to learn about home security options for your home in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area, give us a call at Safe N Sound Inc. Our family-owned and operated company uses the newest technology installed by a trained staff to make your home office a safe place to work from. The added bonus is that your home will also be safer for you and your family. We can put together the best configuration for your needs, which could include access control, custom surveillance, custom gates, alarm monitoring, and other home security options.