How Does Alarm Monitoring Work for Businesses?Alarm monitoring for businesses works much the same as it does for a home system in that the priority is keeping people safe. The secondary purpose is to keep property safe. What is different is that commercial alarm monitoring is more complex, as there are more potential systems to be monitored.

Alarm systems in homes are primarily used to alert the homeowner to get out of an unsafe situation, such as a fire or to warn of an intruder. While this is also the case in a businesses, alarm monitoring goes much further and can be set to work in conjunction with other systems, as well, such as surveillance video, access control, panic buttons, water leaks, temperature changes or asset tracking.

As is the case with residential monitoring, the way business alarm monitoring works is that a notification is sent to a central station employee, who then notifies the appropriate authorities, which includes the contact personnel at your business. Everything is arranged when the alarm monitoring system is put into place, so your instructions are followed. Not all situations call for alerting authorities, so you can specify key personnel to be notified in those cases.

With alarm monitoring, critical information is relayed and acted upon quickly, so in time-sensitive situations, such as break-ins and fires, help can be on the way immediately, instead of waiting for someone at your company to give the order.

As you can see, not only are alarm monitoring systems for businesses more complicated, but it is also important to have a reliable company in charge that will properly set up the system and handle alarms promptly. You can rely on us at Safe N Sound Inc. for reliable and fast alarm monitoring throughout the Lake Norman, North Carolina area. Call today, and let’s get you the peace of mind you need knowing you have cut the risk to your business down to a minimum.